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2003       Barbara Pym and the Joys of Quotation, Katherine Duncan-Jones

2004       A Day of Celebration in Finstock, Barbara’s retirement home in Oxfordshire

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2006       The Dreaming Spires of Oxford, Elizabeth Edmondson

2007       The Crime Writers of Barbara’s Era, Val McDermid

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2011       Anglicans Abroad, Joint meeting in Canterbury with the Charlotte M. Yonge Fellowship

2012       Jane or Prudence? Career versus Domesticity in the ‘Age of Marriages’, Estella Tincknell

2013       Alliance of Literary Societies annual Literary Weekend celebrating the Pym Centenary at St Hilda’s College, Oxford

2014       ‘All those loose ends’: Austen, Love and Pain in the writings of Barbara Pym, Dr. Kerry Sinanan

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2018       No Fond Return of Love, dramatised by Georgia Powell and directed by Tristram Powell

2019       Excellent Women, dramatised by Georgia Powell and directed by Tristram Powell

2021       ‘Excellent April’: Barbara Pym, Elizabeth von Arnim, Literary Mothers and the Comic Novel, Nick Turner (virtual)

2022       ‘We Used To Correspond’, the Pym-Larkin letters dramatised by Triona Adams

2023       Eccentrics, Scholars and Tea at Ellistons: Academic Oxford in the Age of Pym, Daisy Dunn

2024       Julie Summers