1986:   Barbara Pym: Her Life and Work
Victoria Glendinning, Hilary Spurlimg, Edwin Ardener, Hilary Pym Walton, Hazel Holt

1993:  Barbara Pym Literary Weekend (followed by Radio 4 broadcast, A Very Suitable Occasion)
Hilary Pym Walton, Henry Harvey, Hazel Holt, Lyndall Gordon, Margaret Rayner, Barbara Everett, Peter Lloyd, Robert Smith

1994:  Barbara Pym Society Inaugural Dinner and first Annual General Meeting

1995:  Fashion in Pym’s Novels
Triona Adams, Lesley Balazs, Ellie Clewlow

1996:  Barbara Pym and the Church
David Cockerell, Triona Adams, Edith Coulter, Jean Matthews, Annette Farrer, Charles Burkhart, Hilary Pym Walton, Kate Charles, Joy Grant

January 1998:  Barbara a la mode (Food in the novels)
Amy Myers, Margaret Rayner, Nancy Talburt, Hilary Pym Walton

1998:  Excellent Women
Kathy Ackley, Ellen Miller, Barbara Everett, Susan Jones

1999:  Quartet in Autumn
John Bayley, Lesley Grant Adamson, Barbara Everett

2000:  Barbara Pym, Libraries and Librarians
Angela Carritt, Nicholas Bennett, Phil Bacon, Barbara Levick, Helen Taylor, Yvonne Cocking

2001:  Some Tame Gazelle
Yvonne Cocking, Frauke Lenckos, Hilary Walton, Nicholas Bennett, Robin Joyce, Eileen Roberts

2002:  Unexcellent Men
Patricia Shaw (paper read), Nancy Talburt, Triona Adams, Hazel Bell, Bridget Guymer

2003:  Less than Angels
Yvonne Cocking, Peter Lloyd (paper read), Robin Joyce, P. D. James

2004:  Mothers and Other Relatives
Kathy Ackley, Maggie Lane, Patricia McErlain, Clemence Schulze , Triona Adams

2005:  An Unsuitable Attachment
Eleonore Biber, Robin Joyce, Eileen Roberts, Michael Collard

2006:  Barbara Pym in London
Janice Rossen, Barbara Dunlap, Jean Harker, Tim Burnett

2007:  The Sweet Dove Died
Yvonne Cocking, Stephanie Kay, Margaret Kean, Isabel Stanley

2008:  Under the Influence: Authors Barbara Admired
Julia Courtney, Eleonore Biber, David Fuller, Janice Rossen

2009:  An Academic Question
Robin Joyce, Jane Potter, Margaret Rayner, Alex Ward, Jean Harker, Clemence Schultze, Deb Fisher, Triona Adams

2010:  Barbara Pym and Romance
Barbara Everett, Daphne Wright, Jean Buchanan Harker, Yvonne Cocking, Miriam Margolyes

2011:  Crampton Hodnet
Kathy Ackley, Eleonore Biber, Tim Burnett, Chris Rutherford, Yvonne Cocking

2012:  Barbara Pym and Gardens
Elizabeth Buchan, Tom Sopko, Roger Phillips, Margaret Rayner

2013:  Remembering Barbara (Pym Centenary Conference)
Alison Felstead, Catriona Cannon, Laura Shapiro, Linda McDougall, Paul Binding

2014:  A Glass of Blessings
Yvonne Cocking, Maggie Lane, Libby Tempest, Nick Turner, Fr. Colin Oxenforth, Arthur Bostrom

2015:  Partners in Pym
Yvonne Cocking, Clare Coombe, Deb Fisher, Julie Gittoes, Catriona Cannon, Isabel Stanley

2016:  A Tribute to Hazel Holt
Yvonne Cocking (paper read), Clemence Schultze, Linda McDougall, Jan Fergus (paper read)

2017:  No Fond Return of Love
Sandra Goldstein, Fr. Colin Oxenforth, Yvonne Cocking, Emily Stockard

2018:  Food & Drink in the World of Barbara Pym
Laura Shapiro, Perri Klass, Kate Young, Jane Peyton, Lucia Costanza

2019: Jane & Prudence
Emily Stockard, Alex Fisher, Ann and Dan DiPietro, Jennifer Howarth, Maggie Parsons, Janet Howarth

2020: Quarantine in Autumn (online)

2021: Barbara Pym Around the World (hybrid)
Mayuko Akiyama, Paul Richards, Lucia Costanzo, Paula Byrne, Kathy Ackley, Beverly Bell

2022: A Few Green Leaves
Rose Little, Dr Barbara Everett, Kate Fenton, Lorraine Mepham & Dr Ros Cleal, Daniel Vince